Michelle Collins is a young adult writer who favors the “young” part way over the “adult.” She writes what she reads, which is pretty much everything—as long as there’s at least a hint of romance in it. She graduated with a degree in Education and has worked at a school, a library, and a newspaper, proving she’ll never stray too far from the inanimate thing she holds most dear—words.

She’s a central Arkansas wife and mom of two, and currently works as an Historic Museum Interpreter, because it’s fun to play dress up.  Michelle considers herself a Sci-Fi Geek, Word Nerd, and takes fangirling as seriously as she takes her insulin shots. She is an unapologetic boy band lover and always harmonizes when singing in the car.

A member of SCBWI and typically only referring to herself in third person when she’s angry and waving her finger, Michelle’s currently seeking representation for a YA contemporary adventure featuring assassin spy boy band Leth5l. Think One Direction meets James Bond meets Zoolander.



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