Spring (Gimme A) Break

Because my day job happens at a college, I am blessed to have a Spring Break. I love Spring Break. I look forward to it like I’m a beer-guzzling hard body in search of beach bunnies in Florida. (Okay, admittedly my head *may* be stuck in a bad 80’s movie because I have never been beer-guzzler, hard body OR beach bunny.)

Anyway, this week I have five glorious days in which to do anything I’d like to do. Oh the possibilities! So what did I decide to do? I’ll give you three guesses.

I just finished what I hope is the final draft of my MS set on board a space station, so I decided the one thing I want most to do is start a new manuscript! Because if I don’t release the plethora of ideas swarming in my head, it may actually explode, which will make it quite difficult to perform my day job next week.

So as you already guessed, yesterday I began a new fantasy MS based on the ancient Mayan culture. I can already tell that I will fall way short of my projected Spring Break goal, but I am starting to love these characters already. This is a sign that I will carry this thing out to the end instead of abandoning it for something else.

When I began this project, I was determined to try some of that plotting thing people are always talking about. I have already designed a pretty good story arc for both main characters, but there were some things plaguing about the story itself, so I set about to do some research.  I came across this article on K.M Weiland’s site.

Helping Writers Become Authors

I am in no way affiliated with Ms. Weiland, and I have not yet purchased her book, but I was dumbfounded by the advice she lists in the article. She made it very easy and understandable. I found it helpful in honing in on the Inciting Event in my new manuscript. I am considering it my big (Spring) breakthrough. (See what I did there?)

Give it a read if you’re just starting out. It may help you define your story and save you from some harrowing rewrites in the future.

Until next time, enjoy whatever break you have and if you don’t have one, make one for yourself!