The Unsung Heroes of Christmas

It’s Christmas time around my house…and in the stores, and on the television, and the radio, and downtown… You get the idea.

I personally love celebrating Christmas and the real Reason for the Season. I enjoy wrapping up gifts for my family, watching Christmas movies, and decorating with our unique blend of Collins flare mixed with consideration of clean-up after the big day. (In other words, we don’t have a huge tree up this year because decorating it and taking it down are the least favorite of my kids’ Christmas activities. We DO have a tree though.)

With that laziness  conservation of resources in mind, I have been reflecting on the unsung heroes of Christmastime. We all know the big guy gets a lot of love, as well he should, but what about those people who give as much as Santa? What about those who have done something to make everyone else’s Christmas a little more merry? Where are their Christmas cookies and milk?

I give you this list of the unsung heroes of Christmas. These are the folks I am thankful for.

  • The person who first put grid lines on the back of wrapping paper.
  • The parents of all the Pentatonix members. Thank you for reproducing insanely talented children.
  • The turkey executive who decided to insert the thermometer inside the turkey before it came to my house.
  • Mr. Kuerig
  • Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass because please, who still doesn’t “Put one foot in front of the other?” (If you just sang that in your head, you are cool.)
  • The inventor of ear plugs – for Salvation Army workers who ring that bell through sleet and snow and for parents of kids who get drum sets.
  • The designer who first thought to PRE-LIGHT Christmas trees.
  • The workers who willingly work on Christmas Eve, and those that don’t work so willingly but do it to get that paycheck. You should get Christmas bonuses.
  • The music industry guy who said, “Hey, I have an idea. Let’s get David Bowie and Bing Crosby together and ask them to sing a Christmas song.”
  • Snowbird Bob who predicts “Well Below Average Temps” for my area of the South, increasing the chances of a White Christmas this year!

God Bless and Best Wishes for a wonderful Christmas season. May all be Merry and Bright in your house.


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