This Is Your Brain On Drugs

I just spent 29 minutes writing this blog only to hit some wrong key somewhere and erase the whole thing. This is what happens when you try to blog under the influence of hydrocodone.

This is your brain.

This is your brain on drugs.

My previous entry was far more eloquent and entertaining, but sadly, that ain’t going to happen again. I only have about 13 minutes left before I’m out cold.

To catch everyone up, on Oct 1, I consulted with a neurosurgeon about the pain, numbness and almost-paralysis I was experiencing. This consultation turned into me being admitted to the hospital that night and surgery the following day. Apparently my spinal cord was being compressed at dangerous levels. Surgery went well. I’m home recovering (and driving my family crazy I am sure.) Still in need of pain meds, etc. Not sure yet if there are future surgeries or permanent damage, so until we know that, I take the meds and do my best impression of a Bluefin tuna after having been caught. Which is to say, lay motionless with glassy eyes.

I miss writing like crazy. Like, it really depresses me. But what is interesting is that even though this scary ordeal, I am writing. I may not be at my laptop, but I have managed to come up with a great idea, a way to tweak my very first story. (You know, the one I wrote when I was learning how to write. The one that is permanently on the shelf.) While in the MRI the 2nd time, trying to remind myself it was not a coffin, I was struck by one of the sounds it made. It caused me to think about the nature of sounds, and vacuums, etc. Now I have an idea.

Then later when the nurse was starting my IV, he said something about the needle and it hit me.  [!!!IDEA!!!] (can’t share it yet because I am going to write it, duh.)

I put those two things together, then add the characters I already love from my first story, tweak the setting and I have a shiny new thing to explore!

Just as soon as I can get off these annoying drugs!

And now, as my words are beginning to blur on the page, I will leave you for now.

Much love and appreciation for all the prayers, well wishes and support while I recover!

Have a great Tuesday full of ideas from unexpected places!


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