Pitch Slammed

This is not just another Tuesday!

This is #TeamSpyder Tuesday!

*Cue epic guitar lick*

Previously on this blog I mentioned participating in the Music-themed Twitter #PitchSlam contest. It’s been a blast to meet other writers on Twitter as we tweeted our fave music, theme songs for our characters, and cool parts of our stories. What a great way to delve into our stories and network with people who are walking down this crazy publishing road at the same time as I am.

The unique thing about this contest has been the Revise & Resubmit component (R&R doesn’t just stand for Rock & Roll!). The judges read our pitches and first 250 words and in and unprecedented move, sent us critique/feedback on ways to make our work stronger. What? That’s crazy, right?

*pause for tension-building drum solo*

Some writers chose not to heed the sage advise of those who have walked a mile before us. Me? I worked my tail off to revise my submissions in exactly the way they suggested. Cuz the thing is…they were right. My pitch was cliche and there was some confusion in my 250. So I beat my words into submission revised with their comments in mind and now my work is stronger for it. If nothing else comes of this contest, it was worth it for that alone.

*Lead singer steps to the mic peeling his shirt to reveal mind-blowing abs and fierce ink*

I’m pleased and grateful to announce, I was chosen for a band!  Agents will be viewing the entries and requesting pages from the stories that, well, make them want to bang their heads.

In a good way.

Follow the link to see my entry, EVERGREEN along with the rest of the totally rad #TeamSpyder


Much thanks and lurve to L.L McKinney and Kimberley VanderHorst for choosing me to rock on your team. AND for creating this awesome contest. It truly has been a Crazy Train! \m/




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