Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuuumble!

Its pitch contest season and I couldn’t be more excited!

Pitch contests are designed to allow querying authors an opportunity to “pitch” their stories in an unconventional way.

Pitch contests can be valuable tools for the querying writer. Not only does it get your manuscript “out there” and seen by agents, bloggers, other writers, but it allows you to practice your log line and narrow your story down into its essential components. As you can tell from my last two blog posts, narrowing your story down into small 1-2 sentence chunks is almost as difficult as writing the story. It’s not fun, but it is essential for writers.

Pitch contests can also help writers gauge “the competition.” I use quotation marks because I don’t really view other stories by other writers as my competition. I believe that every story is worth telling and I want other authors to succeed too. When someone from a pitch contest garners an offer of representation, I cheer for them. But I have to face the fact that publishing is a business, with market trends, salability, and various other words from Econ class that I failed to commit to memory.  By reading pitch contest entries, I can see how many stories are similar to my concept. (Thankfully, I’ve not seen any other Frankenstein-themed stories out there!) Right now, fantasy/paranormal/dystopian has a lot of competition, so those authors will need to work to stand out from the pack.

I’ve already participated in the Twitter-themed #PitMad. It was successful for me because I got an agent request from it. So I’m marking that one in the Win column, even if she ends up passing.

I plan on participating in the Pitch Slam contest later in April. That one really interests me because its music based. During the contest writers will be not only be submitting pitches and pages, but they’ll be pairing them with music. I have one awesome song in particular that matches my story perfectly. I’m pumped about it! (Air guitar!)

But next up is the “Dear Lucky Agent” contest run by Chuck Sambuchino. You may remember that name from my bodacious Bill & Ted synopsis post.  So, not only does he help authors hone their craft, he gives them opportunities to pitch their stories as well. The winner will receive a critique of the first 10 pages and a subscription to WritersMarket.com! Wow!

The contest is open through April 9. To enter all you have to do is submit your 35-word pitch and mention the contest in social media like Twitter, Facebook or a blog. Here’s the link for more info.  http://tinyurl.com/pcmopmq

(See what I did there?)

If you’re a writer with a finished manuscript, I hope you’ll join me in the contest.  If not, then I hope you’ll wish me luck!


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