Last blog I talked about narrowing my story down from 88,000 words into a 1-2 page synopsis. This week, I’m going smaller.

Today I’m participating in #PitMad. For those unfamiliar, #PitMad is a Twitter pitch contest run by Brenda Drake, the queen of contests. (I don’t know if she actually has a crown, but really she should.)  All day today writers are invited to pitch their finished manuscripts on Twitter. Agents will watch the feed and favorite any works they’re interested in reading, inviting writers to submit their queries or pages. It’s simple “contest.” (I use quotes because there is really no winner to this contest, unless you count the prize of landing an agent a win. And I do!) All you have to do is include the #PitMad and genre hashtags (#YA for me) and tweet your pitch.

‘Hey, that sounds pretty easy,’ you say.


If narrowing down your story into a synopsis is hard, try doing it in 140 characters. No, make that 130 since the hashtags take up a precious 10 spaces.  It’s like whittling that giant oak tree in the back yard down to a toothpick. But it can be done! All it takes is knowing the core conflict of your story. What is the one thing you answer when someone asks, “So, what’s your story about?”

I spent a lot of time yesterday (and today) trying to perfect my Twitter pitch.  Silently cursing myself for basing my story on Frankenstein, an eleven character title, and for picking a twelve character concept, regeneration.  (Why, oh why, didn’t I base my story on ET? Only 2 characters!)

I’ve come up with five versions of my pitch to use today. One of them has already been successful garnering agents’ attention. I will submit my query and go from there.  It’s exciting to see social media being used in this way – for good, not evil!  It’s also exciting to read about other works as well.  Some of the tweets I’ve read today I am sure will end up in print. Even if I don’t find the right agent for my story today, I am glad I participated in this “contest.” Examining and fine-tuning my manuscript only makes it stronger, makes me a better writer, and makes me feel like a winner already.

I’ll be tweeting ya!

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