Snow Miser

They say “if you don’t like the weather in Arkansas, wait for tomorrow.”  It’s true. Our weather is pretty much all over the place.  It’s not uncommon for us to sport shorts and flip-flops one day, then pull the hoodies over our heads the next. Right now it is 21 degrees. Next Monday, they’re predicting 69 degrees.  It’s kind of exciting when you think about it –  not knowing what to expect when you wake up each day.

I am not a summer person. I hate the sweltering heat that leaves your steering wheel too hot to grip and forces you inside just so you can breathe.  Seriously, when you can see the heat, it’s too hot.  I have friends who love the sun and would literally live on the beach. Forget having a roof over their heads, a beach umbrella would do.  Sometimes I envy their ability to soak up massive amounts of Vitamin D and look radiant and sun-kissed.  Most of the time though, I think they’re crazy.

Me? Give me mounds of snow to crunch in and pure, crisp air to breathe. The more layers I have to add, the better.  Cold air makes me feel alive and refreshed. To me, Icicles are prettier than sweat-ringed arm pits.  Snow trumps sand.

Right now, I’m in my element.  It’s cold.  Just a few days ago I was frolicking in the snow with my snappy winter fedora. (Yes, I frolic.) My friends are speaking to me through chattering teeth and bringing Snuggies to work.  But before too long I’ll be cranking up the AC and fanning myself like a poor Southern Belle overcome with the consumption; while my friends will be happy to sport glorious tans and designer sandals.

Isn’t it great that we both get our way at least some of the time?

I’ve been thinking about polarizing things lately. I read a book last weekend. (This book will remain nameless. This is a spoiler-free zone!) This was the last book in a particular series. And I have to say, it didn’t end in the way I predicted.  Credit to the author because that is actually a good thing.  If your readers can predict what will happen, why would they read the book?

While I felt like the writing was awesome, the story well-concluded, the protagonist triumphant, I was still left with an unsatisfied feeling.  Why?

Because heroine didn’t pick the right guy!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. It’s not all about the dude.  I get that.  But a major portion of the book was about the emotional/romantic journey the protagonist was taking.  And try as I may, I just can’t remain neutral in a triangle situation.  

I went to the internet to see if other readers had the same reaction to the conclusion of this series as I did.   What I found was very interesting.  The reviews on Good Reads and Amazon were about as polarizing as Heat Miser and Snow Miser.  I saw a lot of 5*, but there were 1* and 2* reviews as well.  The comments showed why –  the readers were squarely on Team A or Team B.  They either loved who she ended up with or, like me, they wanted her to choose the other guy. 

As a writer, this is something to consider. She successfully created two characters who were polar opposites, but who each garnered emotional connections to readers.  Each of these guys had attractive qualities, but they were both deeply flawed as well.  There was growth and change in both of them. As a result, readers actually cared who the protag picked.

I suspect this author knew this was going to happen and she ended the story in the way she wanted.  I admire her for that.  I can’t wait to read what she writes next. 

Until then, I’ll be sitting huddled here with the rest of Team A, wrapped in my wool scarf and waiting for the next snowfall. 


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