The purpose of this blog was not only to document my journey as a writer, but also to discuss the path to publication, whatever that ends up being.

Everything I’ve written to this point has been a step on the path, a mile on the road, or whatever “journeyish” metaphor you like.  I’ve had moments along the way where I’ve thought, “this is gold…this is the most brilliant arrangement of words anyone has ever strung together! The readers will weep with joy, underline this passage, and refer to it daily! ”

There have also been moments where I thought, “Oh yeah, I forgot…I don’t actually know what I’m doing!”

This, I’ve learned,  is COMPLETELY NORMAL! I have to say that it does give me some comfort that other writers experience this phenomenon.

I’m taking another step in the process tomorrow. I’m submitting my full manuscript to a professional.  I feel somewhat like Neil Armstrong because this isn’t a regular step – it’s a giant leap for me-kind.

I’ve been given the opportunity as a part of an SCBWI retreat (Writers: Join! Go to events! It helps!) to submit directly to an editor, which is not the normal process.  I’m very thankful for this chance and I’m going to take it.  My manuscript is as ready as it can be and I’m anxious to hear what the editor has to say about it.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that I’m nervous.  Back to the Neil Armstrong metaphor –  When I was a kid and learned about the moon landing, I wondered how the astronauts kept from hurling in their space suits when they blasted from the Earth. (I was prone to motion sickness as a child.)  I imagined them ripping off their helmets and losing their Tang into airsick bags.

That’s kind of how I feel right now.

Either I will be get a great response or I will get a less than great response that will contain helpful feedback to improve my manuscript. I know this and I appreciate this.

Yet already, I find myself clamoring for the airsick bag.

But, the countdown has begun and it’s time to take off.

I’ll let you know when I get to the moon!


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