Words for My Readers

Tap, tap, tap. Is this thing on?

Okay, welcome to my Blog.  When you’re a writer, that’s what you do, you blog. I’ve put this off while I was finishing my first draft of my first novel. (It’s still weird to admit that in public.) But now that I’m in the editing/revising stage, I feel like it’s time.

So what’s this blog going to be about, you ask?  Thanks for asking.  It’s going to be about my writing experience. There’s a different experience for each and every author.  None of them are right, none of them are wrong. So, if you’re a writer and have a different experience, then that’s great. Me? I’m going to write about what I’m doing on my path to publication.   I hope that it will serve as information for the people who will be reading my blog to begin with. (Family and friends). And I hope it will serve as inspiration for other writers on their own journeys.

Occasionally there will be other things that creep onto the blog. That’s how my mind works.  One of the things that I have discovered since I’ve started writing that almost everything in the world can be tied back to the story-telling process.  So I may mention other YA books, tv shows and movies that I like.  I hope you’re okay with that.  (Oh and I can promise you that there will be references to Doctor Who.  For example, I feel like the recent casting of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor is great counterpoint to Matt Smith’s younger more physical Doctor.  I think it will had a new dimension to the story of the Doctor that hasn’t been addressed in the latest incarnations.)

Speaking of incarnations, I went through several name choices for my blog. I’m obsessed with names and have been since I was young. (Perhaps the budding writer in me coming out.)  I wanted to get the name of the blog right.  I started with the obvious “must have the word write or writing somewhere in the title” choices.   The Write Stuff was already taken. Unwritten was good, but I don’t want that song in my head every time I open my blog.  Writer’s Cramp?  I know, right? Lame. Wait a second… I Know, Write? 

Uh, no.

I had just decided to call it Michelle’s Blog O’ Writing.  But as I was revising Chapter One, a line I had written kind of jumped up off the page at me.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the writing process.  But something about it made me pause. (Sometimes I kind of love my own writing a lot. That’s not being arrogant and thinking I’m the best writer Ev.er.  It’s knowing enough to feel it when something clicks.)

The line:

 People whiz by me, hurried, distracted, bumping shoulder-to-shoulder. To them, this is just another Tuesday. 

And so my blog, Just Another Tuesday springs directly from words I’ve already written. 

I like it for two reasons. 

  1. It will help me keep on track.  I will make every effort to post a new entry on Tuesdays.  There will be no “having to remembers” and “when did I post lasts” to worry about.
  2. It gives me hope.  One day, if I’m Blessed in this way, there will be a Tuesday when my book is published and released into the world.  Until that day, every other Tuesday will be just another one.  Now every time I open my blog, I’ll look forward to that very special Tuesday that I hope is to come. 

Again, welcome to my blog.  I’ll see you again next Tuesday!


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